Katherine's Home Daycare


How To Enroll Your Child Into Katherine's Home Daycare 

Step #1

If after reading through my web site you feel that Katherine's Home Daycare is where you'd like your son/daughter to spend their days, playing, learning and having fun, then the first step would be to contact me with your information.  I can be contacted by phone (905-525-2700), email kdymkowski@hotmail.com or through the "Contact Me' section found in this web site.  Forward me your daycare requirements, days needed, hours and the age of your child.

Step #2

We set up a interview.  At this time, I can only do interviews on weekends between the hours of 1-3pm.  I ask that this first interview be between the parents and myself, it is all business.  During the interview we go over my policies and procedures in detail, tour the daycare space and have some Q & A time.  If after this interview we both feel that your family will be a great match for my program, at that time I will offer your family the availble spot. 

Step #3

When all forms have been filled out, the contract signed and a 2 week deposit handed in, then we set up a play date.  The play date is highly recommended.  It involves coming in with your son/daughter during daycare hours to meet the other children, become familiar with the daycare space and to PLAY! Play dates are in the AM for a hour to start and Mom or Dad must attend. Depending on when the start date for daycare is, we do as many of these play dates as possible to help your child with the transition.

Step #4

Daycare begins and you have successfully enrolled your son/daughter into my program.  I look forward to getting to know your family and spending time with your child!