Katherine's Home Daycare



Quotes I enthusiastically recommend Katherine Dymkowski. Katherine provided childcare for my daughter since she was 13 months old. Katherine was the first daycare provider I met and I knew from our frist meeting that my daughter would be safe and cared for well by her. Katherine provides a warm, caring and loving home daycare environment. Her daycare is filled with dancing, music, joy and HAPPY children. My daughter asks me every single day if she could go to Katherine's house...even on weekends! Every day she states she had fun and always has a song to sing to me that Katherine taught her. My daughter learned a great deal. Everything from her ABC's, numbers, letter and number recognition, shapes, music and dance. A big plus for me was that she offered healthy homemade food and had a nice place to play in her backyard. The love and patience that Katherine puts into the children makes me realize how lucky I am to have found her. Quotes
Erica, Mother of Sophia age 3

Quotes Everything about the daycare environment, curriculum and policies indicates to me that Katherine truely CARES about the cjildren under her supervision. The daycare is cozy abd clean. When I drop off my daughter I am usually greeted by the smell of something nourishing and lovingly home cooked being prepared for lunch. The crafts and learning projects that my daughter comes home with are so creative and it's obvious that Katherine spends a good amount of her "free" time researching new and better ways to stimulate the kids. I love that Katherine networks with other providers to seek advice and new ideas. Katherine truely is a role model for daycare providers everywhere. Katherine's daycare offers the best of what a daycare centre can provide in the best kind of home care environment. Quotes
Grahovac Family
Mother of Milena, age 3

Quotes Katherine is wonderful - an amazing communicator with parents letting them know about their childs day what they ate and how they slept. Katherine really knows her stuff.... our1 year old was having a tough time with seperation anxiety and Katherine did so well with it. She kept us up to date everyday trying things to make our daughter feel more comfortable One of her ideas was to submit family photos and make a photo album for our daughter so she could look at when she was missing us. What a fabulous idea. Katherines home cooking is wonderful very nutritious and my fussy one year old would even eat. The daycare is alway clean, bright and spacious which is very important to me. My one year old even learned about "putting her shoes on,"she would come and sit on her behind on my lap as Katherine had taught her waiting patiently for me to tie them up. A wonderfully, warm, loving family daycare for all ages. Quotes
Leveck Family
Mother of Kyleigh, age 1 year

Quotes Since attending Katherine's Day Care my daughter has improved significantly in her speech, her manners and her knowledge of the world around her. I am very pleased with the way that the day care is run and the way that Katherine treats my daughter. My daughter has never complained of any kind of incidents to do with Katherine and it has been a pleasure doing business with her. I have recommended Katherine's Daycare to many people because I believe that it is a great day care for kids to start out before they reach pre-school. The children are very well taken care of and I am at ease leaving my child in her care every day. Quotes
Ford Family
Mother of Sienna, age 4

Quotes Katherine has strong family values and I feel that her own children, who are polite and well behaved, are a testament to the effectiveness of these values. I feel that Katherine's Home Daycare has provided a sibling influence that as an only child our daughter does not get at home and that this has helped her become more sociable and at ease with other children. During the time Anna was in here we realized that we are not alone in whatever parenting phase we are entering. Katherine was the perfect fit for our family. She provided superb childcare and became a friend along the way! Quotes
Tokaci Family
Parents of Anna, 19months

Quotes Katherine and her staff provided my daughter and all of the kids with daily stimulating activities such as songs and crafts, many to which my daughter still remember to this day. She also provided a healthy variety of foods for mid morning and mid afternoon snacks as well as preparing home made nourishing meals for lunchtime. I found that while my daughter attended she always greeted Katherine welcomingly and always came home a happy child with many exciting stories to tell me of her day. She was well fed, well rested and received much care and attention one could hope for in a daycare provider. I was once the sceptical parent who had great reservations about sending my child off to daycare but after finding Katherine, I would definitely recommend Katherine's Home Daycare to anyone who may be feeling the same anxieties I once did. I will have no hesitations about sending my daughter and now my son back to Katherine's Home Daycare as soon as the opportunity arises. Quotes
Jesso Family
Mother of Elise 3, & Adian 9 months