Katherine's Home Daycare



Frequently Asked Questions, Answered!

  1. How many children do you currently have in your care?

    Currently I have 3 full timers and 1 part timer, plus my own two children.  My daughter attends a full day SK program and my son participates within the daycare.  I have liability insurance for up to 5 children in care per day total.

    It is the law that a caregiver can only care for 5 children plus their own at any given time. This is not determined by the number of adults caring for the children but rather the home.

  2. What are the ages of the children in your care.

    I accept children 12 months to 6 years old.  My own children are 6 & 2. Currently the children enrolled within my program are all 3 and under.

  3. How long have you been caring for children?

    I've been caring for children since a young child, as a babysitter for friends & family & a camp counsellor throughout my teenage teens.   Professionally I have been running Katherine's Home Daycare since 2007.

  4. Do you have references?

    Yes,upon request. I can present phone numbers of parents that are willing to provide references. You are also welcome to review some of my parents testimonies found in the testimonial section of my website.

  5. Do you give receipts?

    Yes. Receipts are mandatory by law. All my income is declared with Revenue Canada.

  6. Do you ever transport the children by car?

    No.  The daycare is located within walking distance to parks, splash pads,  and the OEYC,  therefore there is no need to transport children by car. 

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