Katherine's Home Daycare


About Myself,                                                                                         

Welcome to my website! My name is Katherine and I am a proud mother of two beautiful & bright children.  I also run a full-day, fun and educational daycare program for working parents of children ages 12 months to 5 years old.  I have been developing my daycare program since 2007.   I am CPR/First Aid trained through the the RED CROSS and have a current police clearance.  I am also part of a daycare providers network which consists of many wise & wonderful ladies within Hamilton & the surrounding areas who have been running their daycare programs successfully anywhere from 5-35 years!  We meet 1-3 times a month to complete workshops together on a wide variety of issues, from  children & their development to business issues. Teaching & caring for young children is not only my chosen career but my passion.


About the Daycare,

The daycare space has a very unique  set-up compared to other home daycares. The sunny main floor and fully finished basement are strictly dedicated  for the daycare & children.  There is roughly 1200 sq.ft of room for children to explore, learn, grow and have FUN, while you have peace of mind.  Children have 2 playrooms, an adjacent kitchen, their own bathroom and a separate nap area. The space is full of age appropriate toys and there are stations set-up for dramatic play, an art & crafts area, a blocks/Lego area and lots of open space for free play.  The daycare space looks like much like a daycare centre but has the warmth, comfort & family values of a home daycare!

 Your child's safety is my number one priority.  The daycare space has 4 large scale windows and 3 doors to ensure a safe exit in case of an emergency.  The daycare is equipped with 2  working smoke/carbon monoxide detectors and a fire extinguisher.    All doors are equipped with childproof locks, the stove has a childproof guard and there are baby gates attached at all doors/stair cases.   The backyard is fully fenced in and stocked full of age appropriate seasonal toys, sandbox, water-table, climber, swing, rides-ons etc...



Definition of a Daycare Provider

Child Care Pro-vi-der (child'kâr prõ vid'er)n. chef, baker, janitor, sock and shoe finder, coat buttoner, boot fitter, bottle washer, grocery shopper, diaper changer, protector, dish washer, nose wiper, vegetable pusher, floor sweeper, waiter, story teller, playground attendant, PE teacher, activity director, driver, zoo keeper, inspector, aerobics instructor, tutor, entertainer, therapist, manager, derby instructor, performer, bookkeeper, self-esteem builder, teacher, helper, well wisher, nurse, traffic controller, noise controller, life saver, thinker, problem solver, engineer, designer, counsellor, safety instructor, arbitrator, creator, inventor, companion, musician, historian, technician, dietitian, athlete, beautician, fire Marshall, analyst, artist, dentist, scientist, biologist, technologist, accountant, manicurist, receptionist, environmentalist, pharmacist, hygienist, speech therapist, reader, builder, informer, composer, supervisor, author, navigator, peacemaker, friend. . . . . . .